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  • Baby sea turtles found burned to death on Florida beach: "Burned babies everywhere"

    Sea turtles are among the oldest creatures on the planet. However, they are facing significant threats from human activities.

  • Burning Down the House

    Randall Enos Brazil’s president Jair Bosanaro sets the world on fire. The post Burning Down the House appeared first on The Nation.

    The Nation
  • Why the Amazon Is Burning

    The number of fires raging in the Amazon rainforest this month is the highest in a decade, putting the environmental policies of Brazil’s president in the global spotlight.
  • Zero waste lifestyle

    Empty Bin Zero Waste 310 4th St. NW Canton 330.815.0529
  • Why Gillibrand crashed and burned

    A last-minute spending push in Iowa wasn’t enough. Al Franken didn’t help either.

  • Medicare's finances are full of waste

    A new report just uncovered millions of dollars in Medicare waste. The report, from the Office of the Inspector General at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, found that the agency paid for some of the same drugs twice, wasting $160 million.

    Washington Examiner
  • What is more Western than democracy and concentration camps?

    The West appears, suddenly, devoid of its greatest virtues, constructed century after century, preoccupied now only with reproducing its own defects and with copying the defects of others, such as authoritarianism and the preemptive persecution of innocents. Virtues like tolerance and self-criticism have never been a weakness, as some now pretend, but quite the opposite: [