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  • Same-sex male couples losing out on paid parental leave

    Same-sex male couples are losing out on paid parental leave when compared to both same-sex female and different-sex couples, according to new research.
  • Paul Krugman accidentally makes the case against big government

    Paul Krugman wants us all to know that the recent tax cuts didn't quite work out like we were told they would. That's possible, obviously, but the reason he gives isn't that they were the wrong tax cuts. Rather, it was a big bill, no one had time to look at it right, therefore it was all written by wonks and lobbyists. Thus no legislator, let alone public commentator, was able to say what was really going on. Thus Krugman wants to correct it to be something more sensible.

    Washington Examiner
  • When the best medicine means asking parents to leave the exam room

    I worried that the mother was unintentionally keeping the young adult patient from learning how to advocate for himself.