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  • Joe Biden calls for global action on climate change, calls it a 'national security threat' at home

    Former Vice President Joe Biden was the fifth candidate to take the stage in CNN’s seven-hour presidential town hall on climate change. Anderson Cooper hopped right into the discussion after a quick welcome (they were the first to take a seat since Julián Castro, for those keeping track).  In the face of other candidates, Cooper asked if Biden’s plan was aggressive. Biden said it was, saying scientists have told him it can’t be done faster. A young activist pointed out that politicians always...
  • Most Americans say climate change should be addressed now – CBS News poll

    Most Americans consider climate change to be at least a serious problem — including more than a quarter who say it is a crisis

  • Growing number of Americans see climate change as a crisis, poll finds

    Americans are starting to wake up to the climate crisis. According to a new Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation poll, 38% of people now say climate change is a crisis—and while that number is way too low, it’s a big jump from less than 25% five years ago. All of the right wing’s efforts to fool people about the science on climate change are flopping, too: 79% of people, including 60% of Republicans, understand that humans are causing climate change. Nearly a quarter of Republicans even say...
  • Climate change skeptic leaves White House National Security Council

    William Happer, a White House National Security Council official known for being a prominent climate change skeptic, will be leaving his post in the federal government, a council spokesperson confirmed Wednesday.