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  • Rody’s B.O.S.S.

    At the surface, it would seem the Bureau of Corrections is a model of efficiency by the swiftness they processed the Good Conduct Time Allowance that freed even those convicted of heinous crimes. by Marichu A. Villanueva
  • Wendy’s has a new breakfast menu. Here’s what’s on it

    Breakfast is serious business in the hyper-competitive world of fast food. Wendy’s is the latest to announce a big investment in getting morning customers. The company said Monday that its taking breakfast nationwide next year with a new menu inspired by its afternoon menu and, obviously, includes a Frosty made for breakfast. Wendy’s released a portion of its new breakfast menu. Here are three items. (Note: No judgment is offered on our part by the ranking below.) 1. “Honey Butter Chicken...
  • Bolton’s Out. Here’s How That Could Affect Trump’s Foreign Policy

    John Bolton’s dismissal as U.S. national security advisor on Tuesday removes the most vocal hardliner from President Donald Trump’s inner circle.

  • Trump’s tweet could be a federal crime

    Regarding the Aug. 31 news article “Did Trump tweet U.S. spy image of Iran?”: We ordinary people in the national security field (of which there are upward of 800,000 by The Post’s estimates ) wh

    Washington Post
  • Rick Scott’s cowardice on guns

    The senator is so scared of the NRA that he doesn't mention most of what the bill he signed after the Parkland, Fla., shooting did.
  • Scot Peterson files petition to have charges dropped

    Former Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school resource officer Scot Peterson has filed a new motion, trying to get the charges against him dropped.  It's no secret that Peterson feels he never should have been arrested for his inaction on the day of the Parkland school mass shooting.  Now he's petitioning the court to drop the child neglect, perjury and culpable negligence charges filed against him. This happening as a progress report on safety and security in Broward County schools is made...

  • The Border Wall Is Trump’s High Crime

    There are, by the latest count, at least 130 House Democrats who support impeaching President Donald Trump, a number that has risen quietly but steadily in the wake of Robert Mueller’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee last month. While that cohort counts many senior members of House leadership among its members—including caucus Vice Chair Katherine Clark and powerful committee heads like Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Eliot Engel and Appropriations Chair Nita Lowey—House Speaker...

    The New Republic