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  • Chiefs fan blames Raiders fans for vandalized truck after Sunday’s blowout win

    SAN DIEGO — Jesse Wilson calls southern California home, but his heart is in the Midwest. Wilson is a big Kansas City Chiefs fan. You can see it all over his home, and you used to be able to see it all over his truck. On Sunday, hours after he watched his team clobber the Oakland Raiders, Wilson said someone did the same to his 2017 Dodge Laramie. On the outside, flat tires, shattered windows, mangled mirrors and wipers. The vandal [

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  • Your Air Force Is Dead: Why Russia's S-400 Air Defense System Is One of the Best

    Charlie Gao Security, Europe World-class. Key point: Through many continuing upgrades, Moscow ensure its S-400 system just keeps getting better and better. The S-400 is one of the most controversial missiles in the world currently. The United States has imposed economic sanctions on countries simply for buying the system, but many of the world’s powers are interested in it, with India signing deals in September 2018 and China in April 2018. But what exactly makes the S-400 such a hot ticket...

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  • Look Out America, Russia Just Tested Its S-500 Air Defense System In Syria

    Mark Episkopos Security, Middle East Deployment is coming next year. Key point: The S-500 is not a successor to the S-400, but a different class of air defense system that is designed to reliably intercept the most dangerous strategic threats. Russia’s next-generation air and missile defense system is on the verge of entering serial production, according to the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov. “On time, they are putting a new system into operation-- the S-500,” Borisov told Russian...

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