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  • Why don't more Chinese people oppose the Chinese government?

    Kaiser Kuo (previously) is one of the best-informed, most incisive commentators on China -- he's a Chinese-American (literal) rock star, entrepreneur and writer whose presentations on China I've been privileged to attend several times, and each one was insightful, surprising and nuanced. Kuo recently took to Quora to conduct a kind of masterclass on contemporary Chinese politics, authoritarianism, liberalism and dissidence; he's edited this together into a long, beautifully argued piece that...

    Boing Boing
  • Why Do Chinese People Like Their Government?

    From Kaiser Kuo, a long piece attempting to answer the question: “Why do so many people feel that the Chinese can’t possibly be OK with their government or society?” First, I’ll look at the gap in political culture between China and the liberal Western democracies, especially the United States. I’ll argue that there is little appreciation among most WEIRD individuals — that is, Western, Educated people from Industrialized, Rich, and Developed nations — for just how highly contingent political...
  • Taliban's Opium Fields Blocking Chinese Conquest of Afghanistan

    Fully integrating Afghanistan into China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) will require the construction of rail lines through the southern part of the South Asian country, home to the Taliban's primary stronghold and the nation’s top opium-producing region.

  • Blocking piracy websites in South Africa is a bad idea

    South Africa is looking at various solutions to combat online piracy and copyright infringement.