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  • Donald Trump opens up about his parents on Mother's Day

    President Donald Trump opened up about his mother on Friday, saying she believed he could do no wrong, adding 'which is maybe why I ended up the way I ended up.'

    Mail Online
  • Donald Trump defends golf outing over Memorial Day weekend

    President Trump defended his golf outing over Memorial Day weekend, slamming the media Monday for making it sound like it was a "mortal sin." Mr. Trump spent time at Trump National Golf Club in Virginia on Saturday, which was his first time playing golf in about 75 days, according to

    The Washington Times
  • Donald Trump’s Real Memorial Day Message: I Am the Victim

    Donald Trump woke up this morning and tweeted a link to a statement someone in his press office wrote about Memorial Day purporting to be from him. Right after he dispensed with the speech writers though and shared what’s actually on his mind. Instead of embedding thesen insane tweets, I have copied the text and [

    Mother Jones