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  • Americans hate big pharma more than they do the government (but they still really dislike the government)

    The pharmaceutical industry ranks below all other public and private sectors in favorability among Americans, according to a new Gallup poll. Earlier this year, Congress grilled pharmaceutical leaders for charging high prices for prescription drugs.  Other top-hated industries include the federal government, healthcare, and the legal field. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. America hates big pharma. The pharmaceutical industry has ranked last in favorability among Americans,...

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  • The “Public Goods” Excuse for Big Government

    The problem with pork barrel projects
  • Donald Trump's Big Government Presidency

    It's a fact that President Donald Trump has a remarkably large number of supporters among the voters and pundits who label themselves as "free market." They usually say something like, "Sure, I don't like his trade and immigration policies, but the rest are good." I disagree. With the exception of a few policies, the Trump presidency—aided by a largely GOP Congress—will end up being, by a large margin, a very pro-government intervention administration. This is not about assessing the president's...
  • Warren’s plans for Big Tech and Big Banks are big trouble

    Last week, Elizabeth Warren made it clear she wants to reign in the banks and Wall Street, and break up Big Tech. What dumb ideas. Perhaps the lawyer-turned-overpaid-professor-turned-senator does not understand that America leads the world in banking, finance and technology, too. And that these fields provide well-paying jobs from companies that offer great benefits

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