Meghan McCain lashes out at ‘fake news’ after tabloid reports Whoopi Goldberg is ‘at her breaking point’

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@rawstory—On Friday, Meghan McCain attempted to clear the air by blaming the “fake news” for her controversy at ABC’s “The View.” “Men who debate and host political shows together are NEVER subjected to the kind of gossip and crap women are – @JoyVBehar is my favorite liberal sparing partner and we have nothing but mutual [

Whoopi Goldberg ‘at her breaking point’ as she struggles to contain Meghan McCain’s meltdowns: report. Conservative commentator Meghan McCain, co-host of The View, has recently taken time off from the show. And the other hosts, producers, and viewers are happier without her there, reports the Daily Mail. McCain’s absence has reportedly pleased Whoopi Goldberg, who is reportedly tired of McCain’s blow-ups and feuding with host Joy Behar. “Whoopi is at [