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  • US is losing the battle for Pacific power

    Trump’s neglect of the region has left a political vacuum that China is rushing to fill – and small nations such as the Solomon Islands are stuck in the middle If anything demonstrates the interconnectedness of the 21st-century world, it is how a decision made in the Solomon Islands, population 650,000, in the remote South Pacific, can affect the behaviour of powerful countries on the other side of the globe. That, in a way, is exactly what happened last week when Nato leaders met in London. Top...

    the Guardian
  • Nearly 30% in the US weight over 200lbs

    A new survey from Gallup has found that 28% of adults reported weighing at least 200 pounds or more in the 2010s compared to the 24 percent that did in the previous decade.

    Mail Online
  • US military drone ‘shot down by Russian forces in Libya’

    Fears growing over Moscow’s involvement in country’s ongoing civil war

    The Independent