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  • Facebook has a gaping loophole in its fight against fake news

    Facebook has a major loophole that allows nefarious users to get around its strategy to stop fake news. The social media giant has been taking its fight against misinformation and fake news more seriously in recent years. The company has taken action against malicious accounts spreading disinformation. Its updated its policies to keep misinformation off the platform. Studies have even shown that the steps Facebook has taken are working. That’s all good news! However, a recently discovered...

  • ENOUGH: Trump Fights Fake News With Laywers

    MSNBC Weasel O'Donnell admits Russia loan backing story was bullshit
  • 'Dangerous' AI offers to write fake news

    An AI that allows anyone to write fake news or rewrite old jokes such as "a man walked into a bar".

    BBC News
  • USA Unleashes Military to Fight Fake News, Disinformation...

    (Bloomberg) -- Fake news and social media posts are such a threat to U.S. security that the Defense Department is launching a project to repel “large-scale, automated disinformation attacks,” as the top Republican in Congress blocks efforts to protect the integrity of elections.The Defense Advanced Research