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  • Eric and Donald Trump Jr are in a race to become the family’s worst member: conservative columnist

    In a biting column for the Daily Beast, conservative Matt Lewis expressed his disgust with Donald Trump’s two elder sons, Don Jr. and Eric, saying their comments on the events of the day appears to be a contest to take the title of worst Trump. Lewis, who left the Republican Party specifically because of President [
  • Donald Trump Jr. fires back at Howard Stern: 'That’s total bulls**t!'

    Donald Trump Jr. fired off some insults aimed at talk radio shock jock icon Howard Stern after he excoriated the fans and supporters of his father, President Donald Trump. The president's son bashed Stern's comments on SiriusXM while being interviewed on the "Jim and Sam Show," also on SiriusXM. "That's total bulls**t!" Trump Jr. replied. Stern had claimed that the Donald Trump he knew would have despised the kind of people who adore him now as president. He cited as evidence the kind...

  • Fake News: Vanity Fair claims OAN in bed with Don Trump, Jr., and gets demand for apology

    One America News, which is especially reviled�by the rest of the press for its pro-Trump news coverage, is now the target�of fake news�from the fevered minds at left-wing�Vanity Fair. According to the Washington Examiner: