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  • 'He's going to do a great job': Trump says Boris Johnson will 'straighten' out Brexit after 'poor job' done by May

    Donald Trump backs Boris Johnson to become Britain's next prime minister and fix Brexit. The president spoke to the former UK Foreign Secretary on Thursday. "He's a different kind of a guy, but people say that I'm a different kind of a guy too," Trump said. The president says Johnson will "straighten" out Brexit after the "poor job" done by Theresa MAy. Relations between London and Washington worsened last week following the row over leaked comments by the UK's ambassador to the US. Visit...

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  • 3 financial decisions that will make it harder to retire

    The first costs to cut in preparation for retirement are the biggest: your debt, your housing, and your car. If you choose to take on more debt, live in a house that stretches your budget, or drive a car you can't afford, you could be compromising your ability to save — and retire when you want. Even when it's hard to picture your life in the future, you'll be glad you started making changes in your spending and saving years before you had to. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more...

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  • This Fourth of July, Trump will star in a movie of his own making

    We will view the president’s remake of Gladiator, the Oscar-winning tale of a debauched and self-venerating Roman emperor Donald Trump won the presidency but never scored an Emmy for the Apprentice despite 15 seasons and 192 episodes. Come this Independence Day, however, the president will star in a movie of his own making. On the Fourth of July, the president will produce and take center stage in his own remake of Gladiator, Ridley Scott’s Academy Award-winning tale of a debauched and...

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