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  • New York City Fully Bans Vaping

    While previously, New York City only banned flavored vaping products, a recent resolution has extended that ban to all vaping products.

    Tech Times
  • Va. Counties Declare They Are '2nd Amendment Sanctuaries'

    County leaders in rural areas of Virginia say they will refuse to enforce any gun reform laws enacted by the newly elected Democratic majority. The Appomattox County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution Monday declaring the county a "Second Amendment sanctuary." Get Breaking News Alerts With the NBC Washington App "Sending a message to our legislators that hey, we are a sanctuary county and we do not want our rights to be infringed upon in regards to bearing arms," Appomattox County Board...
  • Voluntary evacuation order issued in Texas city after blast

    Officials in Port Neches, Texas, have issued a voluntary evacuation order for the city's 50,000 residents after elevated chemical levels were detected in the air one week after two major explosions at a chemical plant

    ABC News