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  • Here’s who’s likely to lead Iran if the ayatollah is deposed

    The measure of a successful Iranian dynasty has always been simple: For 2 ¹/₂ millennia, Iranians have judged their kings good if the kings managed to keep good order. Siyasat, the Persian word for politics, originally meant simply this. By that yardstick, the current clerical “dynasty” has failed miserably. Witness the latest wave of popular unrest

    New York Post
  • Top U.S. General: It’s ‘Very Possible’ Iran Will Attack Again

    U.S. GENERAL WARNS OF IRAN ATTACK (Main headline, 1st story, link) Drudge Report Feed needs your support!   Become a Patron

    Foreign Policy
  • World’s leading emitter, China, criticizes U.S. for not doing enough for climate

    by WorldTribune Staff, December 2, 2019 As many of its cities are covered in thick smog, China, the leading polluter on the planet, is lecturing the United States on climate change. As the annual UN climate conference was set to begin on Monday in Spain, a top Chinese official blasted the U.S. for lacking the “political will” to fight global warming. [caption id=attachment_75575 align=alignleft width=441] China accounts for about 30 percent of all global CO2...

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