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  • The Forgotten Power of Government

    David Remnick recently interviewed Robert Caro and if you’ve read Caro’s book, Working, or the New Yorker article based on the book, there’s not much new here, but this exchange at the end is worth highlighting: Remnick: We are living in a political moment, and when you watch the current President it seems that one of the saving graces is that, for all his erratic thinking, insulting thinking, his insults directed at minority groups — and, well, practically everyone — that he’s not that good at...
  • Government not giving up on federalism

    Malacañang is not giving up on its push for federalism even if President Duterte himself has raised the possibility that the proposed shift to a federal government may not gain support under his watch. by Alexis Romero
  • European governments are fuelling Euroscepticism

    If Ursula von der Leyen gets the EU top job, it will undermine steps to give voters more of a role in European governance After days of drama and late-night meetings, EU heads of government recently nominated their candidate to replace the Luxembourger Jean-Claude Juncker when he steps down as president of the European commission in October. As expected, the name to emerge was a German, but not the German who was expected. Rather than Manfred Weber, the lead candidate, or Spitzenkandidat of the...

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