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  • Doctor loses government job after refusing to 'call any 6-foot-tall bearded man "madam"': 'I am a Christian and in good conscience cannot do' what the government is requiring

    Dr. David Mackareth — a Christian doctor living in the U.K. — lost his government job after he refused to call men "madam." According to the Telegraph, Mackareth told the tribunal he was suspended from his position after being "interrogated" by his boss for "refusing to 'call any six-foot-tall bearded man 'madam' on his whim.'" What are the details? The 56-year-old physician, who was working as a disability benefits assessor for the Department of Work and Pensions, reports that a superior asked...

  • ‘The Squad’: More coverage than they deserve

    In her July 14 op-ed, “How Pelosi and ‘the Squad’ can come to terms,” Donna F. Edwards attempted to provide guidance on how the “the Squad,” a group of four young liberal Democratic freshman m

    Washington Post
  • The Forgotten Power of Government

    David Remnick recently interviewed Robert Caro and if you’ve read Caro’s book, Working, or the New Yorker article based on the book, there’s not much new here, but this exchange at the end is worth highlighting: Remnick: We are living in a political moment, and when you watch the current President it seems that one of the saving graces is that, for all his erratic thinking, insulting thinking, his insults directed at minority groups — and, well, practically everyone — that he’s not that good at...