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  • Good news — and bad news — from Greece

    Greece is back. But its trauma lingers.

    Washington Post
  • Fox News host: Detention centers are "the best relief these people are going to get"

    GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): And it is kind of weird and the irony of this whole thing is the left incentivizes these crises by egging on two things. The caravans, they were encouraged as a way to overwhelm the border to create visuals. Next? They were incentivized to bring children because activists were telling people it was easier to get across the border if you bring kids and it's easier to demonize the people that are meant to deal with this influx. And so the result is you have more sexual...

    Media Matters for America
  • O.J. Simpson only has one woman in his NFL fantasy league and she just gave him some bad news

    Uh-oh. Former football player and accused killer O.J. Simpson has an NFL fantasy league and the one woman who’s in it “pissed” him off. Simpson, a former broadcaster, went on Twitter Saturday to talk about the first day of NFL training camp as well as his own “wounded ego.” The 72-year-old ex-running