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  • Dangerous liaisons: Fox News teams up with Russian agents to undermine democracy

    With the revelation this week that Fox News helped Russian intelligence agents spread the vulgar conspiracy theory about Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich’s murder in 2016, we have entered a dark and dangerous place. We're at the point where a major American cable news channel teamed up with forces from a foreign adversary in order to damage a major political party in this country. What do we even call this? Treason? The fifth column inside the United States? We are so far beyond...
  • Trump peeved at Fox News for airing 'F--- Trump' chant: report

    President Trump's criticism of Fox News in a series of tweets this weekend was reportedly spurred by footage aired on the network of bar patrons in France chanting obscenities aimed at him,

  • Former Fox News reporter said opinion hosts were 'more than I could stand'

    Former Fox News reporter Carl Cameron doubled down this week on his remarks that his prior employer's content has become overtly partisan, leading to his departure for a left-leaning website."Frankly, while the new