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  • The United States Almost Bombed Iran in the 1990s

    David Axe Security, Middle East “The Pentagon drew up military plans which ranged from launching cruise missiles at Iranian targets to undertaking a full-blown ground invasion of Iran.” The last time U.S. troops engaged in direct combat with Iran’s own regular forces was in April 1988, when U.S. naval forces struck Iranian ships and sea bases in retaliation for Iranian mining of the Persian Gulf. A decade later the United States came close to attacking Iran again, this time in retaliation for...

    The National Interest
  • How Iran Would Wage Cyber War Against the United States

    Robert Kennedy Security, Middle East Who would win? How bad could it get? Could it lead to a larger war? As tensions continue to mount between the United States and Iran, many analysts fear a military conflict could soon erupt, potentially engulfing the region. While such a conflict is certainly possible, and the situation remains highly fluid, the reality is that neither Iran nor the United States actually wants a war. Iran knows it can’t withstand one against the United States, and President...

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  • Canada Outshine United States In Nations League Showdown

    Canada was the better team in all areas against the United States. They didn't approach the game like underdogs and fully deserved the 2-0 win.

  • Man accused of showing up nearly naked outside Kent State University sorority houses arrested

    KENT, Ohio — Kent police on Friday said the suspect accused of showing up nearly naked outside of Kent State University sorority houses is now in custody. The Kent Police Department said it worked with the U.S. Marshals office, and learned of the suspect’s identity Friday evening. An arrest warrant was obtained for Steven Franzreb, 43, of North Royalton. Franzreb was arrested without incident at around 10:30 Friday evening. He’s being held without bail and will be in custody through [