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  • Jon Voight supports Donald Trump… again

    The Oscar-winning actor and well-known Trump supporter had some things to say about the House of Representatives recent impeachment inquiry into the U.S. President.

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  • Watch Live: Donald Trump Rallies Supporters in Louisiana

    President Donald Trump will rally with supporters in Louisiana on Friday, as he continues to campaign for re-election.

  • Donald Trump and his supporters bring fear to Minnesota's Somali community

    Donald Trump brings hatred and racism with him wherever he goes. Most recent case in point: Trump’s rally in Minneapolis last week. The area has a large population of Somali refugees, and after they watched as Trump lashed out at them and his supporters booed them, they’ve been left with lingering fear, The New York Times reports. The Somali editor of a publication covering immigrant and refugee issues got a threatening phone call. A Somali member of the Minnesota House of Representatives says,...