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  • US official charged with leaking secrets to journalists

    WASHINGTON (AP) - A Defense Intelligence Agency official was arrested Wednesday and charged with leaking classified intelligence information to two journalists, including a reporter he was dating, the Justice Department said. Henry Kyle Frese, 30, was arrested by the FBI when he arrived at work at a DIA facility in

    The Washington Times
  • Journalist: Customs agent insisted on 'propaganda' admission

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection is investigating an allegation that a Customs agent insisted a journalist admit he writes "propaganda" before returning his passport

    ABC News
  • Here's why decaying US airports are turning to private money

    U.S. airports make most of their money from airlines, charging them for everything from landing fees, to terminal rent and fuel sales. But, with aging infrastructure, a handful of U.S. airports have started to turn to private money.