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  • Major operators take up Amazon edge 5G play

    Verizon, Vodafone Group, SK Telecom and KDDI became the first operators to partner with Amazon

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  • Leading robotics VCs talk about where they’re investing – TechCrunch

    The Valley’s affinity for robotics shows no signs of cooling. Technical enhancements through innovations like AI/ML, compute power and big data utilization continue to drive new performance milestones, efficiencies and use cases. Despite the old saying, “hardware is hard,” investment in the robotics space continues to expand. Money is pouring in across robotics’ billion-dollar sub [

  • How A Dangerous Court Ruling Could Give China The Lead In 5G Technology

    Loren Thompson Technology, Asia And permanently impair U.S. security. Despite a chronic trade deficit in advanced technology products, the United States remains a global trendsetter for networking and telecommunications. U.S. companies are currently in a battle with Chinese state-influenced enterprises like Huawei that will determine whether American dominance continues into the era of 5G communications.  5G is the next big leap in mobile networking, a cluster of technologies that will deliver...

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