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  • Lindsey Graham accuses Trump of ‘shamelessly abandoning’ Kurdish allies

    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), one of President Donald Trump’s staunchest defenders, angrily lashed out at the White House on Wednesday amid reports that the Turkish military has launched an operation in northern Syria that is putting America’s Kurdish allies in grave danger. “If media reports are accurate and Turkey has entered northern Syria — a [
  • Lindsey Graham pressures Donald Trump on Turkey with tough bipartisan sanctions bill

    A bipartisan group of senators introduced legislation Thursday that would rebuke President Trump's troop pullout from Syrian and slap harsh sanctions on Turkey unless it ends the military action in the region. The bill by Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Democrat Sen. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland

    The Washington Times
  • ‘The biggest mistake of his presidency’: Lindsey Graham is hopping mad at Donald Trump — and the feeling is mutual

    While many have long wondered whether President Donald Trump might have blackmail material that explains Sen. Lindsey Graham abrupt change from being a fierce critic to devoted defender of the man he once called a “race-baiting xenophobic bigot,” another explanation has always been simpler and more plausible: The South Carolina Republican believes it’s in his [
  • Cosmic disappointment Donald Trump Jr. accuses Hunter Biden of nepotism—Twitter responds

    One might say that making fun of Donald Trump Jr. is low-hanging fruit. Whenever the Trump family does something stupid or hypocritical or inane, most of the sentient world rolls their eyes, gets angry, and some of us lambast them publicly for it. Some people like to say that the Trumps are just gaslighting everyone: trolling the libs and making fun of them is exactly what they want. I don’t subscribe to that. For one, I don’t think they are that smart. We also know that the mocking bothers...