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  • It's been a crazy day for US-China trade news — here's what we know

    Investors' heads have been left spinning over the past 12 hours after a slew of conflicting headlines related to the U.S.-China trade talks.

  • US top court divided as it ponders LGBT rights

    America's highest court is weighing whether employees can be fired because of sexual orientation.

    BBC News
  • From the US to Hong Kong, the right to protest peacefully is under attack

    Pre-emptive police action against protesters is escalating across the world, as illustrated by the arrest last weekend of 10 Extinction Rebellion activists You know things are bleak in Britain when Russia starts trying to lecture us on human rights. “Disruptive protests are unacceptable, but police must act proportionately,” the Russian embassy tweeted on Sunday, after the Metropolitan police raided an Extinction Rebellion warehouse and arrested 10 activists. “‘Preventive arrests’ raise concern...

    the Guardian