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  • Neanderthals’ history is as complicated as ours

    New study hints at Neanderthal population turnover in Siberia 90,000-120,000 years ago.
  • Europe just suffered through the hottest June in recorded history

    Here in Alberta, Canada, it's been a frigging miserable summer so far: cold, full of rain and precious little sun. For weeks, I've been mumbling under my breath, in tooth-grinding resentment, that I should have stayed in Mexico for the rest of the year. I'm not asking for much, just a few weeks of clear skies and a temperature that peaks over 20°C for a few days in a row. Not everyone in the world, however, have the same aspirations. According to data interpreted by the Copernicus Climate Change...

    Boing Boing
  • Ancient DNA extracted from Neanderthal fossils of Gibraltar for the first time

    A new collaborative study, led by the Natural History Museum and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, has extracted ancient DNA from the Neanderthal fossils of Gibraltar for the first time. The new study has confirmed the sex of the skulls and in the case of the fossil discovered in Forbes' Quarry, has related it to Neanderthals beyond Gibraltar.
  • Remember the buzz about the Nats trading Mad Max? Ancient history

    When D.C. was down in the dumps, it seemed Washington might actually deal ace Max Scherzer. Now the Nats are back in contention.
  • Danish History Professor Says It's Time To Build A Wall Around Europe

    Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via, Danish history professor Uffe Østergaard says it’s time to build a wall around Europe because integration of migrants has failed and, “Protecting borders is necessary, otherwise the population will rebel against the government”. Østergaard is a Jean Monnet professor of European civilisation and integration at Aarhus University and professor of European and Danish history at Copenhagen Business School. He specializes in European identity history...

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  • Ancient Skull Fragment Pushes Back Date Of Earliest Humans In Europe

    A comprehensive re-analysis of a skull fragment found in a Greek cave back in the late 1970s suggests early modern humans were present in Eurasia some 210,000 years ago. It’s the earliest indication of our species on the continent, but the lack of supporting archaeological evidence raises some questions. More
  • Biblical bad guys the ancient Philistines came from Europe, DNA shows

    The ancient Philistines, the Biblical villains whose origins have puzzled scholars for decades, came to the Middle East from southern Europe more than 3,000 years ago, new DNA testing has shown.