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  • "It's Called 'Show Business,' Not 'Show Show' or 'Business Business'"

    A nice line from legendary producer (Batman, Rain Man, Flashdance, and many more) Peter Guber, as reported by my colleague David Ginsburg. (For a published briefer version of the line, see here.)
  • Why small business needs big business

    Up to half of small businesses’ revenues come from big firms and those companies’ employees are also their customers Bernie Sanders is right when he says that too many CEOs make too much money. Elizabeth Warren has a point when she says that the wealthiest need to pay more taxes. Many big corporations have a sad record of neglecting their employees, selling harmful products and – as the Guardian recently reported – really hurting the environment. But small businesses, including mine, need big...

    the Guardian
  • Become an innovative business leader through Wits Business School

    Why the country needs a new generation of innovative managers, scholars, and business leaders.

  • Busy Philipps Reacts to Busy Tonight's Surprise 'Revival' in The Affair

    Five months after its cancellation, Busy Philipps‘ eponymous E! talk show was brought back to life in pretty much the last place you would expect: An episode of The Affair. Busy Tonight‘s unlikely “revival” occurred in Sunday’s antepenultimate episode of the Showtime series when, during the drama’s storyline set in 2022, fictional publicist Eden Ellery [

  • Is your business 'small'? Here's what 'small business' means to key market players, and why it's so crucial you know their definitions.

    Small businesses represent around 99% of all US businesses, and employ about half the workforce, according to the US Small Business Administration. Government and private institutions often use their own models, which may exclude some businesses for different reasons. Knowing where your company fits can help identify which of the many small business resources and opportunities it is eligible for. Companies also change — Apple and Google famously started in garages  — and specialized services can...

    Business Insider
  • If you're a business traveler who prefers Marriotts, the Bonvoy Business Amex is worth a look — especially now that it's offering a 100,000-point welcome bonus

    The Marriott Bonvoy Business™ American Express® Card is a great credit card for business owners who frequent Marriott properties during their travels. While the card has a $125 annual fee, the benefits can easily help you offset it. Additionally, when you apply for the card now, you'll be able to earn 100,000 bonus Marriott points after meeting the $5,000 minimum spending requirement within the first three months. This offer is only available until October 23, 2019. Read more personal finance...

    Business Insider
  • Business Evolved

    CNN Business looks at the trends, technologies and innovations every business needs to understand in order to prepare for the future. We'll meet entrepreneurs from across the globe who are grappling with the effects of this digital revolution and look at how businesses are adapting and leveraging the opportunities these technological changes present.