Donald Trump Jr. reportedly thinks Jared Kushner leaked his Trump Tower meeting

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@theweek—There apparently isn't much brother-in-lawly love to be spared in the Trump family. The president's son Donald Trump Jr. and his son-in-law Jared Kushner are fighting behind the scenes to control President Trump's reelection campaign, "five sources close to the White House" recently told Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman. But the feud is nothing new, seeing as Trump Jr. reportedly even suspecs it was Kushner who spilled the beans on his infamous Trump Tower meeting more than a year ago. Trump Jr.,...

Donald Trump Jr. slams report that he and Jared Kushner "really dislike each other" as "fake news bullshit". The report quoted anonymous sources saying, "Don Jr. and Jared really dislike each other," and that there is an "escalating cold war" between them over control of the reelection campaign.