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  • African swine fever kills more than 20 wild boar in Poland

    WARSAW, Poland (AP) " An outbreak of African swine fever in Poland near the German border has killed 21 wild boar, the agriculture minister said Wednesday.Authorities were adding 56 kilometers (34 miles) to a previously installed 80-kilometer (48-mile) fence; local hunters were instructed to eliminate all wild boar in the area near the town of Zielona Gora; and Army soldiers were combing forests in search of fallen animals, said Agriculture Minister Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski. [

    The Palm Beach Post
  • Deadly swine flu outbreak breaks out in Poland near Germany

    Poland's agriculture minister says 21 wild boars have died as a result of an outbreak of African swine fever close to the German border.
  • Red Cross reports new outbreak of dengue fever in Yemen

    The International Committee of the Red Cross is reporting a new outbreak of dengue fever in war-torn Yemen, with thousands of cases reported and several dozen deaths

    ABC News