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  • Humor, the most effective weapon in politics

    Last week, the Chinese restricted the National Basketball Association (NBA) because a team official praised the Hong Kong fight for liberty, and then they censored an episode of “South Park” because it spoofed the Chinese communist government.  After some back and forth, the NBA announced that its official position was

    The Washington Times
  • What's on TV this week: 'The Outer Worlds'

    This week is a big one for sports fans, with the MLB World Series, NBA regular season action and Formula 1 in Mexico. For gamers, there's a new Call of Duty as well as Obsidian's latest title The Outer Worlds is arriving complete with a rich world th
  • Catalonia's political problem continues despite sentence

    The issue posed to Spain by Catalonia's independence drive will not end with the sentencing of nine separatist leaders, Josep Borrell, Spain's acting foreign minister said on Tuesday, calling for dialogue within the framework of the constitution.