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  • After a Lull, Islamist Terrorism in Europe Returns With a Vengeance

    There’s lots of talk in Washington about the Islamic State and the Trump administration’s Syria policy. That’s an important discussion to have, but it’s only

    The Daily Signal
  • How was this not ‘terrorism’?

    Regarding the Oct. 4 Metro article, “Plea is short of terror portrait”: How do prosecutors fail to charge with terrorism a man who pledges in writing his allegiance to white supremacy, amasses an arse

    Washington Post
  • Europe's most wanted women

    In the 'crime has no gender' campaign, Europol hides the faces of fugitives wanted by 21 European countries behind neon masks on their website, before slowly revealing their identities to visitors.

    Mail Online
  • France's Homegrown Terrorism

    France's Homegrown Terrorism Authored by Giulio Meotti via The Gatestone Institute, This time, the terrorist did not use firearms; his victims were not unarmed children, cartoonists or Jews but policemen. The site of the October 3 attack was also striking: "The interior of the Paris police headquarters is supposed to be a stronghold; it is the symbol of public order in France and of the anti-jihadist struggle that has been shaken," the French scholar Gilles Kepel told Le...

    Zero Hedge