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  • U.S. warns Japan-S.Korea dispute could become even more tense: U.S. official

    The United States is worried that trade and diplomatic tensions between South Korea and Japan could become even more tense and is urging both sides to consider a "standstill agreement" to allow more time for talks, a senior U.S. administration official said on Thursday.

  • U.S. court sets back Trump’s ban on U.S.-Mexico border asylum applications

    The decision means that Trump's efforts to bar all asylum applications at the U.S.-Mexico border could still apply in Texas and New Mexico.

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  • Mediation talks between U.S. women and U.S. Soccer break down

    Mediation talks between the World Cup champion women's soccer team and U.S. Soccer ended without a resolution Wednesday, damaging hopes that the sides could avoid a showdown in federal court over a gender-discrimination lawsuit filed by the players this year. The sides had agreed to meet secretly for several days in New York this week. The mediation sessions were expected to be the most substantive discussions yet between the team and the federation about equal pay and other workplace issues....

  • U.S. bars two Venezuelan officials from traveling to U.S

    The United States said on Friday it would bar two Venezuelan officials accused of human rights violations from traveling to the United States in its latest action to pressure Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro into stepping down.