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  • Full-Length Trailer for ‘The Morning Show’ Reveals Apple’s First Big TV Series

    Apple has finally revealed an actual, official trailer for its big upcoming original TV series The Morning Show, with footage and everything! After playing coy with its upcoming slate of original TV shows, it appears Apple is finally ready to pull back the curtain, and by most accounts The Morning Show will be the anchor for its upcoming streaming service—its own House of Cards, so to speak. The series follows the goings-on backstage at a network morning show, but as we see in this trailer...

  • 'Big Brother' Blowout: Explosive Live Eviction Show Sets Up Crucial HOH Competition -- Is There Hope?

    Sam Smith and Kathryn Dunn went into the night facing eviction and certain who was going home, but a day of total chaos threw everything into the air and now Head of Household is more important than ever!

  • What’s an NFL player’s first training camp practice like?

    In this week’s mailbag, Geoff Schwartz recalls his first time in pads, reveals which OLs you should worry about, and says Patrick Mahomes is a unicorn. Well, we have one game down, folks! After the Hall of Fame Game, there are now 332 of them left, including all the preseason and postseason games. I hope you read my gambling article this week as the Broncos got us the backdoor cover. As usual, thank you for your participation in this mailbag. Remember you can always reach me on Twitter or...