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  • Retired general responds to Trump’s tweets in real time on Fox News – and destroys his excuses for betraying the Kurds

    A retired U.S. Army general reacted in real time on Fox News to President Donald Trump’s tweets on Syria — and he blasted the sudden decision to abandon the Kurds. Gen. Jack Keane, a retired four-star general and Fox News contributor, appeared Monday morning on “America’s Newsroom,” where anchor Bill Hemmer read the president’s tweets [
  • Fox News host sings the praises of Trump less than a week after Trump attacks him on Twitter

    Last week, President Trump launched into an extended Twitter attack against Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Ed Henry, after he dared to ask conservative radio host Mark Levin if he was “okay” with Trump’s pressuring the Ukraine president to investigate his political rivals. Now, Henry is seemingly trying to get back in Trump’s good graces. [
  • Fox News is not a news network. It's a training ground for Trump dead-enders, poll shows

    A new survey shows just how key Fox News is to Donald Trump’s support. The poll, from the Public Religion Research Institute, was taken before the impeachment inquiry was announced, and, given the shift in views on impeachment in recent weeks, it’s not a useful gauge of views on that issue right now. But it’s a hugely important reminder both of what’s going on in today’s Republican Party and of how we should understand Fox News. On issue after issue, the poll found big gaps between Republicans...