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  • Lindsey Graham is doing what the Ukrainian government wouldn’t

    Trump's corrupt bargain with Ukraine was interrupted, so Graham is picking up where they left off.

    Washington Post
  • I told my injured son, ‘You don’t have to run,’ but he did

    John Fountain with his son Malik I arrive and sprint to the field. I see my son running laboriously, grimacing, jack-knifed with pain as he continues to put one foot in front of the other. This week’s column is the last in a series titled, “Love Letters To My Son” — a collection of random texts, notes and letters between John Fountain and his son, now 17 and a high school senior. Wednesday July 31, Son abroad for the summer at Oxford University — Dad: “Dear Malik, I am so proud of you....

    Chicago Sun-Times
  • Shouldn’t entertainment brand names be … entertaining?

    The debut of Disney+ this week added yet another lackluster product name to the long list we already have from streaming video providers.