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  • 'Fake news,' diminishing media trust and the role of social media

    The term "fake news" has been popularized by President Donald Trump in recent years, and while its meaning has been hotly debated, the spreading of false information to fulfill a political agenda is far from a new concept around the world. Exploring the perception of the "fake news" phenomenon is critical to combating the ongoing global erosion of trust in the media according to a study co-authored by a University of Houston researcher.
  • Social media bots are damaging our democracy

    Social media has become our town crier. When major news breaks, roughly two-thirds of American adults now find out about it online in real-time. But the aftermath of the week's third mass shooting, environmental catastrophe, or political meltdown is
  • (Anti-)Social Media Inciting Hatred

    It is impossible to understand the current state of social polarization while ignoring the Internet, and its especially toxic part, which should be called anti-social media