Not just one foundation, not just one newsroom: How the Colorado Media Project is trying to rebuild a local news ecosystem

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Nieman Lab—"This didn’t take a ton of capital. It just took a lot of willingness on the part of a lot of different folks to collectively figure out what we should do, where are the gaps, and how we can fill them."

VIEWERS ACROSS THE COUNTRY DEPRIVED OF CRITICAL LOCAL EMERGENCY NEWS, HOLIDAY SPECIALS, AND LOCAL NEWS FOLLOWING AT&T/DIRECTV’S REMOVAL OF NEXSTAR LOCAL TV STATIONS IN 97 MARKETS. IRVING, Texas, July 5, 2019 – Viewers across the United States have expressed their outrage at AT&T/DIRECTV following their removal of scores of local Nexstar Broadcasting television stations which began on the Fourth of July. For example, as a result of AT&T/DIRECTV’s actions, AT&T/DIRECTV subscribers in Bakersfield, California were unable to receive local Nexstar televised [