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  • 'Most Americans Don't Want To Work for the Federal Government' Says Andrew Yang, Trashing Federal Jobs Guarantee

    Andrew Yang continues to clear the low bar of being the Democratic presidential candidate most skeptical of government power, if not government spending. In response to a question about whether he would support a federal jobs guarantee at tonight's Democratic debate, the former entrepreneur argued that the feds were not going to be very good at providing people with meaningful work. "I am for the spirit of a federal jobs guarantee, but you have to look at how it would materialize in practice....
  • Stop, Just Stop

    What are you doing, InsideEVs? Are you really that thirsty for Tesla truck clicks? Is there a gas leak at your offices? Because I’m having trouble figuring out why the hell else you’d point out what is clearly a Mars rover image and speculate that it may be the new Tesla truck. It’s got six colossal wheels and it appears to be pressurised. Oh, and it’s a fucking Mars rover. More
  • Opinion: Why we need to stop calling people ‘homeless’

    All of us are complex and unique individuals – yet we reduce rough sleepers' identities to nothing with a single, heavily loaded word.

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