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  • Valve has Reportedly Halted Work on 'Team Fortress 2' as 'Hardly Anyone' is Working on it

    It seems like Valve has halted the development for "Team Fortress 2." Plus, minimum specs for "Half-Life: Alyx" revealed.

    Tech Times
  • After that IG report, what now, Chief Justice Roberts?

    His FISA process abused, he will need to weigh in on that travesty well before he rules on impeachment.
  • Reporters are refusing to face the ugly truth about the GOP

    After two weeks of gripping testimony that established Donald Trump’s flagrant abuse of power beyond any reasonable doubt, after an effectively uncontested accusation that Republican conspiracy theories about Ukraine advance a Russian agenda, and after the ostensibly “moderate” members of Trump’s party actually hardened their support for the president, there is precisely one huge, overarching [
  • With testimony over, work begins on key impeachment report

    WASHINGTON (AP) " The witnesses have spoken, the politics are largely settled. Now impeachment investigators will make the case for public opinion.On Monday, hundreds of pages from Democratic Chairman Adam Schiff's intelligence committee were being compiled into an exhaustive report that will begin to outline whether President Donald Trump engaged in 'treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors' by withholding $400 million in aid as he pushed Ukraine to investigate [

    The Palm Beach Post