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  • So what does a No Deal Brexit really mean?

    The Mail on Sunday have created a comprehensive guide on how everyday services like policing and medicines to fishing and the Premier League would be affected by leaving the EU without a deal.

    Mail Online
  • What the Mississippi ICE Raids Really Mean

    On Wednesday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement conducted a series of raids across Mississippi that resulted in the arrest of 680 people. It was brutal spectacle by design, almost cinematic—a swarm of 600 agents, a fleet of buses rolling across the state, a military hangar commissioned to serve as a makeshift processing facility. Raids are a means of mass-arrest and they are also state theater. They are meant to tell a story.

    The Slot
  • Brunch Query: What Does It Really Mean To 'Go Dutch'?

    On this week's Word Watch, we take a look at how the term "going Dutch" went from insult to the norm.
  • Stephen King really, really, really wants you to know he's not Steve King

    There's nothing worse than being mistaken for someone you really, really don't like. Stephen King knows this better than most. The famed horror author shares a name with Rep. Steve King, the Republican Congressman from Iowa. That's the same guy who recently made headlines when he questioned whether the human race would still exist if rape and incest had never happened. Yep, really. On Wednesday night, Stephen King posted a pretty simple statement on Twitter: "Let's get 1 thing straight, I'm not...

  • What Microsoft's upcoming 'outsourcing' licensing changes could mean for your business

    Enterprise customers relying on Microsoft 'Bring Your Own License' option to run Windows Server, SQL Server and other enterprise software in Amazon's or Google's clouds may be in for a rude awakening this fall.

  • What people really mean when they identify as sapiosexual on dating apps

    The fog of love that is dating in 2019 has led to a near-constant barrage of new terms that help us navigate the uncertainties of modern courtship: ghosting, lumbersexual, cuffing, cloaking. To the novice, online dating profiles today can look like bafflingly coded messages with random-ass numbers (aka the unspoken requirement for men to include their height) and nonsense acronyms (aka Myers-Briggs personality type indicator). But no online dating term has garnered quite as much instant...

  • What that viral Twitter battle over CVS and birth control really means for your access

    At first glance, the bitter Twitter battle against CVS over birth control pills this week may have convinced you that the pharmacy giant was blocking access to the contraceptive. But like most Twitter scuffles, it's complicated. Here's what's really happening.  CVS Caremark, a CVS subsidiary that works with pharmaceutical companies to set prescription pricing for customers of CVS and other pharmacies, has reduced how much it'll reimburse retailers that only sell one product. One such online...