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  • DEM REP. AL GREEN: 'No limit on number of times' Dems will attempt to impeach Trump

    Democrats are reserving the right to impeach President Trump as many times as it takes to get him out of the White House. Texas Congressman Al Green, a leading impeachment cheerleader in the House, explained the situation to C-SPAN’s Washington Journal Wednesday.  Green told the news station he wanted to clear the air, “for

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  • Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Historic impeachment articles introduced and Trump WILL be impeached

    A big news day Tuesday. IG report fallout, Bill Barr’s propaganda press conference, Nancy Pelosi supporting NAFTA 2.0 (and AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka supporting Pelosi on this).  But impeachment dominates it all. Will Bunch/ With GOP certain to acquit Trump, should he be impeached for the history books? In 1940, Otto Hampel began writing postcards that attacked both the Fuhrer and his totalitarian regime, scrawling the words “worker murderer” across Hitler’s face or asking fellow...
  • Read: Dems introduce articles of impeachment

    Read: Dems introduce articles of impeachment

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