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  • Some good news about Good Samaritans

    A study of CCTV footage from around the world suggests there are more Good Samaritans out there than we think.
  • Trump accuses news media of trying to crash the economy

    The president offered no evidence to support his claim that the media, a frequent target of his ire, is working to weaken the U.S. economy.

  • Anti-Trump media’s pivot from Russia to racism and other commentary

    Election Watch: From Russia to Racism The Democrats don’t need to spend even “a dime” on the 2020 presidential election, snarks Frank Miele in RealClearPolitics. “They have almost the entire mainstream media doing free infomercials for them, and with just about” the same level of “reliability as you would expect from those ads for Miss

    New York Post
  • CNN: We're Headed for Recession, But the Good News Is It Will Hurt Trump!

    Look at the bright side! Sure, a recession could throw millions of Americans out of work, and shrink retirement portfolios. But an economic downturn would also hurt President Trump in 2020! That was CNN's theme this morning. The 6 am New Day hour led with co-host John Berman trumpeting yesterday's stock market drop. CNN economic analyst Rana Foroohar then said of a recession: "it's here."John Avlon weighed in to crow: "if the economy goes south, [Trump] is in a world of hurt."

  • Inside the Beltway: Backfire: Anti-Trump media irks the public

    The news media was hostile to President Trump the moment he declared his intention to run for the White House in 2015. The tradition continues. Ongoing analysis of broadcast coverage by the conservative Media Research Center, in fact, has documented the fact that 90% of the news accounts have been negative toward Mr. Trump since he took his oath of office.

    The Washington Times
  • Fox News Panel Discusses Media Blaming Trump for Shootings

    To many in the leftist press, facts don’t matter as much as perception. So long as they perceive President Trump to be the cause of all the world’s problems, any lie can be spouted as truth. Sean Hannity alongside The Hill’s Joe Concha and America First Action Senior Advisor Sean Spicer slammed the utter absurdity of the media’s attempt to connect President Trump to the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton.

  • Fox News Panel Discusses Media Blaming Trump For Shootings


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