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  • Why the Rockets are the NBA’s most polarizing team

    James Harden and the Rockets play a polarizing style. NBA fans either love the Rockets, or they hate them. There’s no in between. The Rockets are breaking basketball with an incredible commitment to taking the most efficient shots in the game, yet fans aren’t embracing them in the ways they once did the Golden State Warriors. Twenty games in, James Harden is producing the best scoring season anyone aside from Wilt Chamberlain has ever played, the Rockets are playing with the third-best...
  • Every NBA Franchise's Best Team of the Decade

    The past decade has been one to remember in the NBA . The 2010s started with the latest incarnation of the league's most enduring rivalry, gave rise to two iconic superteams and

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  • Picking Sides in NBA's Most Heated Star Rivalries

    Just over a month into the 2019-20 NBA season, several rivalries are heating up, and there remains no clear-cut favorite to win the title

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  • C3PO actor: 'I was left out of Star Wars publicity'

    Anthony Daniels tells 5 Live he feels he wasn't treated the same as his Star Wars co-stars.