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  • 'The Mandalorian' Guide, Week 5: Every Question We Have After "The Gunslinger"

    Welcome to a very special edition of The Mandalorian Guide, featuring the first episode of this eight-chapter season that I straight up did not enjoy. Folks, I do enough recreational drugs to know how fun it is to smash Star Wars toys together. I've made Bib Fortuna and Bossk kiss. I'm aware of how this works. But paper-thin "The Gunslinger" didn't do much of anything besides take a walking tour through the Stuff You Recognize Museum. "Look, some Tusken Raiders!" this episode yells, forgetting...

  • College Football Week 14 Guide: Examining Playoff, Conference Races Entering The Final Week Of The Regular Season

    The Game. The Battle for Paul Bunyan’s Axe. Bedlam. The Iron Bowl. Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate. Each of those rivalry games will be played this week. And each game has a chance to alter the course of the College Football Playoff chase. An incredible final week of the regular season is ahead.

  • The Hater's Guide to Rivalry Week

    What to know about every grudge match -- from the Apple Cup to Bedlam to the Iron Bowl.
  • The 5 most fireable NFL coaches this week

    Jason Garrett’s conservative approach, once again, cost the Cowboys. Yes, of course Jason Garrett’s on the list. Jason Garrett has spent nearly a full decade as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. He is occasionally stellar in the regular season and only awful when disaster strikes. That’s how he still has a job with the Cowboys despite winning only two playoff games since taking the helm in 2010. If he doesn’t add a third this January, he could be looking for a new job. Garrett’s been the...
  • These are the 5 recipes our readers loved most this week

    Get your Thanksgiving menu solved!

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  • The NFL’s 5 most fireable coaches this week

    Doug Marrone’s Jaguars have taken a big tumble after starting the season 4-4. Doug Marrone can’t stop getting blown out. What the hell happened to his defense? We’re less than three weeks from Black Monday, the day when coaches at the helm of struggling teams find out whether they’ll be retained for the 2020 season. The NFL is loaded with coaches young and old who’ll be waiting to see whether they’ve earned one more chance at a turnaround, or if they’ll need to update the resumes and figure...
  • Platts: 5 Commodity Charts To Watch This Week

    Platts: 5 Commodity Charts To Watch This Week Via S&P Global Platts Insight blog, Oil markets are digesting the latest OPEC announcement on production cuts this week, while regional LNG prices converge and nickel continues on a bearish streak, in S&P Global Platts editors’ pick of energy and commodity trends. 1. OPEC, allies agree to new oil output cuts at eleventh hour What’s happening? OPEC, Russia and nine other allies delivered a new production cut deal November...

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