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  • Blazers, NBA icons respond to Kobe Bryant’s death

    The Blazers and others around the NBA are offering condolences and memories of Kobe Bryant.
  • Kobe Bryant’s helicopter was flying dangerously low before fatal crash

    The pilot of Kobe Bryant’s helicopter was warned he was flying dangerously low before he crashed into a California mountainside at around 185mph, killing all aboard. Flight tower audio reveals that the pilot of Kobe’s helicopter — tail number N72EX, was told, “Two echo x-ray you are still too low for flight following at this

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  • Sadness around NBA over Kobe Bryant’s death, but games go on

    The Raptors and Spurs did not want to be on the court after learning Lakers legend Kobe Bryant had died earlier in the day, but they tried to honor him as best they could Sunday in San Antonio. The teams collaborated on a tribute to Bryant at the beginning of their game, with each team dribbling out the 24-second shot clock in remembrance of the No. 24 worn by the retired NBA great, who died in a helicopter crash at age 41. The Raptors beat the Spurs 110-106 on a day when many players'...