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  • The CEO of NetApp talks about moving to the cloud, transforming the business, and the lessons he learned from his twin brother — who happens to be the CEO of Google Cloud (NTAP)

    NetApp CEO George Kurian recalled his journey from India to Silicon Valley which he shared with his twin brother Thomas, the CEO of Google Cloud. He explains the parallel paths they are now on, as they lead two tech giants through a difficult transition.  George Kurian is leading the transformation of NetApp from a traditional enterprise tech company to a cloud-focused data storage provider. Thomas is spearheading Google's bid to become a bigger player in the cloud. George says their journey to...

    Business Insider
  • Birkenstock Says Amazon Was Not a Good Fit

    Amazon customers who search for Birkenstocks may find shoes from third-party sellers, but they won't find any results from Birkenstock itself. That has been the case since 2016 even though Amazon was one of Birkenstock's largest wholesale distributors with "dramatic" growth. David Kahan, CEO of Birkenstock Americas, who spoke at the Code Commerce event in

  • Doing Business While Doing Good? Yes, It’s Possible

    Over the past 10 years, economic growth has fueled a global evolution. Gross domestic product rates are on a decade-long positive run. Inflation is low. And technology is enabling levels of corporate efficiency never seen before. However, with this success comes greater examples of inequality and a growing gap between the rich and poor. Consider [