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  • Japan’s failing to be contrite and apologize is causing friction among South Korea, U.S. and Japan

    Japan’s recently unilaterally-tightened controls on exports to South Korea is leading to the termination of “the General Security of Military Information Agreement” (GSOMIA) by the South Korean government. Its termination is an unavoidable choice for the South Korean government. Japan brought this on itself. Recently, South Korea’s Supreme Court ordered

    The Washington Times
  • South Korea Doesn’t Need the U.S. Military To Fight North Korea in a War

    Kyle Mizokami Security, The reality is that South Korea, with an economy nearly fifty times greater than the North’s, is more than capable of defending itself after a withdrawal of U.S. military forces. One of the most baffling military standoffs in modern history is that between North and South Korea. It’s a David vs. Goliath standoff where Goliath requires help from an even greater power and lacks the strategic focus to concentrate on his adversary. The reality is that South Korea, with an...

    The National Interest
  • U.S.-Japan-South Korea alliance crumbles, threatens Trump's North Korea nuclear diplomacy

    South Korea's cancellation of a key intelligence-sharing pact with Japan has triggered a growing diplomatic spat with Washington that analysts say weakens President Trump's North Korea policy and throws into question the three-way alliance underpinning American security architecture across Asia. With South Korea summoning U.S. Ambassador Harry Harris last week

    The Washington Times
  • U.S. Faces Challenges In Managing Tensions Between South Korea And Japan

    South Korea's pull-out from an intelligence-sharing pact with Japan has the U.S. alarmed that its alliances in Asia are crumbling. But the alliances are seen very differently by each country.