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  • Trump says US has plan to contain coronavirus

    President Trump Wednesday said the United States has a plan to contain the deadly coronavirus after the first case was reported in the country this week.

    Fox News
  • The Navy SEALs Have Plans For Small, Deadly Submarines

    Joseph Trevithick Security, Take a look. Key Point: Would this work or is this a bad idea?  The U.S. Navy is hard at work developing new underwater transports for its elite commandos. The SEALs expect the new craft—and improvements to large submarine “motherships” that will carry them—to be ready by the end of the decade. SEALs have ridden in small submersibles to sneak into hostile territory for decades. For instance, the special operators reportedly used the vehicles to slip into...

    The National Interest
  • IS vows to attack Israel and blasts US Mideast plan

    The spokesman for the Islamic State group has vowed in an audio message that the extremists will start a new phase of attacks that will focus on Israel

    ABC News