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  • What’s next for the United States and Iran

    We should all worry about war with Iran, but we should also worry about how it may be stopped. If our military leaders tell their commander in chief they will not follow his order to strike Iran or elsewhere, as indeed we might hope they will, we will have had a total change in our long tradition of military subservience to civilian leadership.

    Washington Post
  • Iran just outplayed the United States — again

    The embassy invasion is America's latest setback in its shadow war with Iran.

    Washington Post
  • The facts on housing affordability in the United States

    Democrats on the November debate stage in Atlanta turned the spotlight to an issue affecting millions of Americans when they were asked how they planned to make housing more affordable. "Where you put your head at night determines so many things about your life," billionaire Tom Steyer said during the Nov. 20 debate. "It determines where your kids go to school. It determines the air you breathe, where you shop, how long it takes you to get to work." See Figure 1 on Steyer and Sen....