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  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg congratulated Donald Trump for being 'number one on Facebook', according to Donald Trump

    Facebook/Donald Trump President Trump has claimed Mark Zuckerberg told him he was "number one on Facebook" when the two "had dinner the other day." Trump dialled into conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh's eponymous radio show on Monday, where he discussed his social media reach, as well as the assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, who he described as "a terrorist." Zuckerberg and Trump have met on multiple occasions previously, both publicly and privately. The Facebook CEO refused to...

    Business Insider
  • Five Things You Need to Know about the Impeachment of Donald Trump

    Naomi Schalit Poliitcs, Americas Where the action is: The capitol building in Washington, D.C. If you have a big appetite for politics news, you’re not going to go hungry this week. The substantive part of the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump now begins, after Democrats from the House of Representatives delivered the articles of impeachment to the Senate last week and senators, as well as Chief Justice John Roberts, were sworn in. At The Conversation, we’ve followed this story since...

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  • The Point: The scariest thing about Donald Trump's relationship with the truth

    That Donald Trump doesn't tell the truth isn't news. It's a feature, not a glitch, of his presidency and his life.